Loke’s misdeeds have provoked the wrath of the gods, who are now plotting to defeat the evil giant once and for all. Prepare for battle under the watchful eye of the Valkyrie – the moment of reckoning is here.



Valkyria is Europe’s longest Dive Coaster, a roller coaster with a vertical drop of nearly 50 metres. Just as you’re about to go over the edge, the ride pauses and you plunge vertically into an underground tunnel at a speed of 105 kph!


Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Attraction type: Dive Coaster
Length: Around 750 m
Height: 47 m
Drop: 50 m (incl. underground section)
Max. speed: 105 kph
Number of passengers/ride: 3 trains x 18 passengers
Capacity: 1,100 passengers/hour 
Premiere: Coming soon (summer 2018)



Watch Valkyria arise

Follow the build.




Valkyria VR

If you can’t wait until Valkyria opens, you can take a virtual ride on your smartphone right now. You’ll get the best experience with a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset.

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A legendary roller coaster made of genuine wood. Try it and you’ll understand why!



Balder is 1,070 metres long and twice as high as the previous wooden roller coaster. It reaches a top speed of 90 kph, and the first drop is a thrilling 70 degrees. An undoubtedly divine experience!