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Gold Pass Mini 2020

Gold Pass Mini 2020

Price 945 SEK

- Free admission and free children’s rides throughout 2020
- Activate your old pass or buy a new one
- Fantastic offers in and outside the park

Who is it suitable for?

  • Children and adults who plan to visit Rabbit Land and other children’s attractions and ride again and again
  • Also Suitable for adults accompanying young children.

Please note that certain rides, such as FlumeRide and Lisebergbanan, are not included in the Ride Pass Mini, even if you’re tall and brave enough. To go on those rides you need to have a Ride Pass Maxi or use individual coupons.

Are there more adults than children in your group? Then a Ride Pass Mini DUO might suit you better! If you put a Ride Pass Mini DUO on your child’s wrist, you can take turns riding with them.