Eclectic music and great atmosphere at Taubescenen

In summer, Taubescenen offers a diverse mix of music in an intimate setting. Punk, prog rock, pop, ballads, country, acoustic, easy listening and jazz. It covers the complete music spectrum.


Handy to know

Not just Evert Taube

At the same time that Evert Taube’s World moved into Liseberg, in 2008, the “new Music Pavilion” was renamed Taubescenen. Taubescenen was actually a completely new stage, but music has been performed on this site at the Music Pavilion ever since 1967. The man who played most often here was the Danish violinist Ronnie Hartley. For half a century Ronnie Hartley performed at Liseberg, and he spent 40 of those 50 years at the Music Pavilion with his promenade orchestra.

Today, every genre of music is performed at Taubescenen: hard rock, ballads, pop, country, punk and musicals. A jazz festival is held here every year during Gothenburg Culture Festival.

Here you find Taubescenen

You can find Taubescenen here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.