Welcome to Kaninlandet

In Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land) it’s easy to have fun all day long. Ride on gentle carousels, play games and watch the rabbit show at Kvarnteatern. Or why not play for a while at Bushållplatsen, a fantastic playground for little bundles of energy.

In Rabbit Land you can have so much more fun

When you start feeling peckish ...

Bergs Knäckäpplen

Enjoy toffee apples, coffee, cotton candy and saffron buns!

Handy to know

The story of Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land)

At Liseberg there is a very special land where the rabbits live, called Kaninlandet. We can only guess what’s underground, but it makes us very happy to see the rabbits here above ground.

The rabbits love speed and spinning and play and laughter. They are very happy and actually quite childish, and that’s probably why the entire land is bursting with fun and colours and shapes. The houses are well built, but if you look closely you’ll notice that they are a bit crooked, and the boards are painted in different colours.

In Kaninlandet you can ride fast, spin around, swing up and down and go high. You can ride in cars, planes, teacups or in vehicles that don’t really have a name yet.