Personal data and integrity

Liseberg’s goal is to ensure that everyone whose personal data is handled by Liseberg feels confident that their privacy is respected and that adequate steps are taken to protect the personal data that we have access to.

Liseberg handles personal data in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998: 204). The Personal Data Act (PuL) is intended to prevent infringement of your personal privacy as a result of the way personal data is handled. Your personal data may only be used with your consent, or if this is supported by PuL or other legislation.

This privacy policy applies to Liseberg’s online channels. For certain specific offers that you may be interested in, such as competitions, there may be special conditions for handling personal data. We will inform you of these conditions if you choose to participate in the offer. In case of conflict between this privacy policy and such special conditions, the special conditions will have precedence.

Data controller

Liseberg AB is the data controller responsible for handling personal data. Information about how to contact us can be found under the “Contact” heading below.

Public access to information

Liseberg is a municipal limited company, which means that the company must allow public access to information This means that all documents, including personal data, submitted to us are public documents that may be disclosed to anyone that requests this. In some cases, however, the information may be considered confidential and will therefore not be disclosed.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be linked to your person in one way or another. It may be easily obtainable information such as your name or personal ID number, but could also be information such as your address or phone number. Images can also be a form of personal information, if you can clearly be distinguished from the image.

Your consent

According to the Personal Data Act, we cannot store your personal information without your consent. If you choose to provide personal information to us, you consent to Liseberg handling your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Handling of personal data

“Handling” is a broad term and basically covers everything that Liseberg does with your personal data. According to the Personal Data Act, examples of the way that personal data may be handled include collection, registration, sharing and processing.

The following information is collected:

In some situations you may be asked to provide personal data when visiting Liseberg’s online channels. Liseberg collects personal data when, for example, you register to receive various types of information, register for Liseberg’s newsletters, register annual passes, book restaurant tables, accommodation or tickets. Liseberg may also handle your personal information when you register to take part in competitions, contact us via e-mail or Facebook, for example, or place orders or make purchases on Liseberg’s website. Liseberg also collects user profiles for digital services such as games and apps.

The type of personal data we collect is usually your e-mail address, name, street address and phone number. In some cases, for example when you register an annual pass via our online channels, we will also ask you to give your personal ID number.

Purpose of handling personal data

The personal data that is collected is primarily used to administer services, provide services, and in order to fulfil agreements we have reached or action that is requested prior to an agreement. Personal data is also used to help Liseberg provide information about the company, our services and products, if requested.

Personal data may also be used to enable us to fulfil our obligations and contact you in connection with competitions and other offers. If you choose to take part in competitions organized by Liseberg, personal data may be used for promotional purposes, for example, the names and entries of winners may be published on Liseberg’s website.

Personal information can also be used to enable us to contact you, for example, to respond to your comments or questions, or when you order or purchase products from us.

Personal data may also be used for the purpose of offering relevant marketing and advertising, if you wish. Liseberg will only send you promotional offers or the like if we have received your explicit consent to this.

Finally, personal data is used for statistical purposes, evaluation, quality assurance activities and for developing and improving services and products.

Please note that Liseberg does not use the collected data to contact you unless you explicitly request to be contacted.

How long is your personal data saved?

We save your data for as long as it is needed to meet the above handling purposes, or as long as we are required to do so by law. Your personal data is then deleted.

Passing on data

Liseberg is the sole owner of the personal data that it collects. We do not sell this information to other companies. Information is not shared with anyone other than specifically stated in this policy.

However, in connection with publicity or advertising campaigns, personal data may be shared with companies that Liseberg collaborates with during the campaigns. These companies only have access to your personal data if it is needed to complete the campaign. When independent partners, distributors or resellers need personal data to fulfil Liseberg’s offerings, information is shared with them. If personal data is shared with a third party, this party is not entitled to pass on personal data unless this is necessary to perform the service on behalf of Liseberg or comply with legal requirements.

When you register an annual pass via our online channels we use an external supplier to retrieve the correct address information for you. The address details are obtained using your personal ID number. This data is solely used for registering Liseberg’s annual pass.

Unless we have your consent, Liseberg will not pass on information about you except where required by law or if required when you order a product or service.

Correcting personal data

Once a year you are entitled to receive information from us, free of charge, about whether your personal data is held by us and, if so, the content of this data. You must write to us to request this information. You are entitled to request correction of any incorrect or out-of-date personal data at any time.

A request to receive information about the personal data that Liseberg holds about you must be signed by you and sent to Liseberg by post or by e-mail. Information about how to contact us can be found under the “Contact” heading below.

Changes to this policy

Please note that we may change and update this policy at any time without prior notice. We therefore recommend that returning visitors periodically check if changes have been made before you provide personal data.


Please contact us if you have any questions about how we use personal data. You can find contact information on the Contact page.