Hair-raising houses of horror and other gruesomeness

In the wake of the destructive autumn storm the doors to the unknown have been prised open. Forget silly superstitions about black cats, broken mirrors and ladders. Something sinister has awakened …

New! Skogen

What is it that is lurking in the forest? Is it a twig that scrapes your skin? Or is it a long nail on a bony finger? Read  moore

Cirkus Bisarr

Among the ripped tent cloth, distorted music and flickering lights, some of the circus performers are watching you. They’re here now – following every step you take. And they take their entertainment very, very seriously. Do you?

Karneval Macabre

Karneval Macabre brings you a gruesome mix of bloody and blood-chilling feats. The vampire Greve Garrott magically transports objects into the intestines of the audience. And then removes them without magic. The werewolf Orthae swallows swords and sticks needles through his cheeks and arms.

Smitthärden Gasten- More gruesome than ever

Spökhotellet Gasten (Gasten Ghost Hotel) has become a horrible source of infection, and the staff and guests are all suffering hellish torments. Bring along something to wipe yourself down with, you’ll probably need it ... Read more

Vinden - Your turn to suffer

Behind the barred attic door, time stands still, and the forgotten ones wait patiently for new trophies to nail/hang up on the walls. And they’ll use any means they can to survive, if necessary. Things get serious when they are forced into the daylight, and they blame it all on you. Now it’s your turn to suffer. Read more

The Experiment – Are you the next unwilling subject?

Assisted by creatures that the mad scientist has created herself she is searching for the perfect solution – the ultimate human. They need a constant supply of fresh blood for their experiments, and if you’re really unlucky you might just have something they want ... Read more

District Z

They’re back! In the shadowy area of District Z, something is not quite right ... Hidden among the debris, something is waiting for you to make the slightest sound. That’s all it takes to reveal where you are. So that they can take you.

Zombie house of horror - Sneak in at your own risk...

Make your way through the tumbled furniture, the flickering lights and the terrifying creatures at your own risk. Your only chance to make it out again is not to make a sound. Can you do it? Read more