Halloween autumn fun

When the rabbits are full of mischief and on the hunt for candy, and the path to the garden seems to have been bewitched, it’s easy to have fun all day long. In Rabbit Land and Liseberg Gardens it’s both creepily cool and loads of fun from morning to evening!

Rabbit Land

Just like all the kids, the rabbits want to celebrate with mischief and candy. Rabbit Land is filled with colourful and scrummy candy, cuddly rabbits and fun activities, including exciting candy hunts. Dress up and join us! It’s also fun here when darkness falls – with Halloween autumn fun from morning to evening. Read more about the Rabbit Land

Help, there are ghosts!

Don’t miss Kanina’s invitation to a ghostly masquerade! Måns Tråk naturally thinks that masquerades are uncool and instead wants to try to catch real ghosts with his newly bought ghost trap. If only he can get it to work properly... Read more about Kaninscenen

Liseberg Gardens – bewitched!

In the autumn garden it’s easy to have fun among the twisting labyrinths, the scarecrows and spinning carousels. The path up to Liseberg Gardens seems to have been bewitched, and pixies scamper round among toadstools of all sizes. As darkness falls you can see their glowing eyes follow every step you take. Maybe they’ll be brave enough to show themselves?

Storgatan area

In the little town square an odd group has taken shelter from the storm. There are fun and games as they pass by, but with a Halloween twist. When the storm eventually passes, it’s time to celebrate, and you are invited along! Enjoy a wonderful and slightly mysterious street party filled with food, candy and colourful pennants dancing in the wind.