Halloween at Liseberg – a show you won’t forget

This year’s Halloween at Liseberg guarantees everything from creeping chills down your spine to genuine friendly fearsomeness for the littlest ones.

Get ready for terrifying fun when you visit the amusement park this autumn – choose your pleasure: scary high-jinks, thrilling rides or side-splitting laughter!

Premiere 12 October.

You’re terribly welcome!

Opening times: 12–14, 19–21 and 26–31 October and 1–4 November.

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A creepily cool and awesomely scary Halloween

Cosy autumn

When the rabbits are full of mischief and on the hunt for candy, and the garden seems to have been bewitched, it’s easy to have fun all day long!

Autumn shivers

Forget silly superstitions about black cats, broken mirrors and ladders. When the creatures of the night awake, things get serious.