Hotell Liseberg Heden restaurant

A restaurant with Scandinavian design
  • Hotel restaurant
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Handy to know

  • Starters

    • Seaweed caviar toast *
      SEK 129
      served with accompaniments
    • Heden´s Toast Skagen
      SEK 139
    • Pata Negra
      SEK 129
      served with melon and tomato salad
  • Main courses

    • Roast fillet of beef
      SEK 295
      served with red wine sauce and truffle infused Pommes Anna
    • Beef Rydberg
      SEK 219
      served with diced fillet of beef, sautéed onion, fried diced potato, mustard cream and egg yolk
    • Salmon pan fried in butter
      SEK 235
      served with lobster hollandaise and potato bake
    • Satay with stir fry *
      SEK 145
      served with broccolini, roasted cashew nuts and rice
  • Classics

    • Corn fritters in a brioche bun
      SEK 147
      served with tomato, red onion, lettuce, guacamole and sweet potato crisps
    • 180 gram prime rib and brisket beef burger
      SEK 158
      with three different kinds of cheese, honey smoked bacon, dressing, tomato, red onion and lettuce, served with French fries
    • Heden’s classic prawn sandwich
      SEK 170/220
      with hand-peeled prawns on rye bread, served with egg and dill mayonnaise (100 gram or 150 gram)
    • Caesar salad
      SEK 140
      with lettuce, sourdough croutons, bacon, red onion, chicken fillet and pecorino
    • Caesar salad
      SEK 170
      with lettuce, 100 gram prawns, sourdough croutons, red onion and pecorino
  • Children menu

    • Fish & chips with remoulade sauce
      SEK 80
    • Hamburger
      SEK 80
      made from prime rib and brisket, in a brioche bun served with French fries
    • Pasta with vegan Bolognese
      SEK 80
  • Three course vegan menu

    • Artichokes barigoule with seasonal primeur vegetables
    • Baked celeriac
      with truffle, served with fried shiitake, pickled porcini and roasted red pepper sauce
    • Our signature chocolate mousse
      served with raspberry sorbet
  • Dessert

    • Coconut panna cotta
      SEK 95
      served with pineapple salsa and roasted coconut
    • Warm toffee apple pie *
      SEK 95
      served with house vanilla custard
    • Grilled banana cake
      SEK 85
      served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, topped with crispy banana chips
    • Homemade praline (2 pieces)
      SEK 36
      inquire about the flavour of the day
    • * Eco-friendly meal
      An eco-friendly meal is based on well-thought friendly ingredients, wich is comprised of seasonal produced such as vegetables and legumes. The idea of minimizeing food waste is just as important as the choice of products.
  • Evening offer

    Monday to Thursday you have the chance to get a main course for a special price. Ask about our special for tonight. (Limited number)

Find us

Hotell Liseberg Heden is located at Sten Sturegatan 1, at the south end of Heden sports pitches. 

Here you find Hotell Liseberg Heden restaurant

You can find Hotell Liseberg Heden restaurant here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.