Christmas areas

Take each other by the hand and go gift hunting among the Christmas market stalls. Warm yourselves on the winter carousels and visit Rabbit Land. Enjoy the spectacular ice ballet, go on an exciting treasure hunt in the Medieval Village and hand over your wish list to Santa Claus in person.

The Christmas of your dreams

On cold winter nights, time stands still for a while and magical things take place. Maybe it’s for real, or maybe it’s just a dream, as festively dressed princes and princesses take to the dance floor alongside elegant swans and enchantingly beautiful creatures of the forest.

Winter land

The snowmen will welcome you inside the gates of the main entrance. The snowmen say there is nothing as glorious as a glistening blanket of snow, so don’t miss this opportunity to take the most Christmassy Christmas card photo with them!

Liseberg's designer market

Take the escalator up to Liseberg’s designer market in Liseberg Tower. You’ll find Christmas presents and personal gifts such as designer goods and handicrafts from well-known brands and from small-scale individual exhibitors.

Christmas Market

Go gift hunting among the Christmas market stalls in the glow of millions of Christmas lights or just enjoy the magical Christmas atmosphere with smells from homemade sweets, roasted almonds and steaming hot chocolate

Old-fashioned Christmas

Stroll around and enjoy the old-fashioned christmas market. The aromas of toffee apples, hot chocolate and mulled wine combined with Christmas decorations give this area a very seasonal atmosphere. On the other side of the bridges the harbour area also offers christmas cheer in the form of hot coffee and home-made christmas delicacies. 

Harbour area

The Christmas mood continues in the harbour area of the park among the Christmas wreaths and beautifully decorated trees. Fully loaded boats jostle at the quayside and all the aromas of Christmas are carried on the air from the doors of the restaurants.

Christmas with the rabbits

In the corner of Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land) a cabin has appeared covered in snow and frost. This is the christmas home of Julius, the rabbit’s cousin from the North Pole. Here and there among the gentle winter carousels for the little ones you may come across snowy footsteps from cans labelled “Snö-färg” (snow paint). What a wonderful colour it is! 

Medieval village

In the camp that has been set up at the edge of town, families are preparing for the big mid-winter festival. The glow from the smithy spreads across the camp as cooking pots bubble over open fires. A number of merchants have also opened up their tents to sell a range of beautiful and fascinating goods. Children can go on a treasure hunt every day and get to know the medieval village better.



A winter saga

Fairytale figures light up the dark winter night as they climb towards the clear starry sky in a spectacular whirling dance. A dance that grows wings and sweeps over the roofs, casting a dreamlike light over the entire park.


Take each other by the hand and walk along the forest path by Kållerado to Santa’s workshop. This is a scene of frantic activity just before Christmas. The elves are busy making Christmas gifts and packing all Santa’s Christmas sacks. Children can hand over their wish lists to Santa – or put them in the magical wish list machine if they prefer.

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