Owner and owner’s directive

Liseberg belongs to the people of Gothenburg. Liseberg is actually one of the City of Gothenburg’s municipal companies. Liseberg consequently has a politically appointed board and it is the city council that determines the governing principles for the company.

Our owner

Apart from two preference shares, Liseberg AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Göteborg & Co Träffpunkt AB, which is directly and wholly owned by Göteborgs Stadshus AB, which in turn is wholly owned by the City of Gothenburg. The organization is presented in full on the website of Göteborg Stadshus AB.

How we are governed

The scope of our business is laid down in the owner’s directive. In addition to the owner’s directive, our activities are also governed by the articles of association and governing documents of the city council. On matters of principle or of great importance, the company must seek guidance from the city council.

Liseberg’s assignment

Liseberg’s assignment is formulated as follows in the owner’s directive:

“Liseberg park shall be one of the leading theme parks in Europe and aim to become a leading tourist attraction all year round. The amusement park should have a pricing policy that allows everyone to visit the park and take advantage of its offerings.

In active partnership with other stakeholders in the tourism and events industry, the Liseberg Group shall help to make the city of Gothenburg so attractive that it enhances travel to and stays in the Gothenburg region.

The various activities of the Liseberg Group are based on Scandinavian cultural traditions, but also incorporate traditions from other cultures, with the aim of appealing and being accessible to everyone in Gothenburg, regardless of their national origin and age.

The activities of the Liseberg Group, including entertainment, attractions, restaurants and accommodation, must meet a high standard. These activities must reflect quality, safety, good service, variety and innovation.

Through its activities, Liseberg contributes to effective marketing and strengthens the reputation of Gothenburg, so that the city can compete nationally and internationally for attractive events.

Changes and restructuring are part of life in the tourism sector and amusement park market, both nationally and internationally. To safeguard the Group’s assignment, different forms of cooperation can be sought with other organizations, such as entering into partnership agreements or forming part-owned subsidiaries. Such partnerships must be in the public interest for the municipality and contribute to the development of the Group and the promotion of Gothenburg.

The development of the Group must be based on a long-term, sustainable outlook. Satisfactory profitability must be achieved to safeguard self-funding.”