Board of directors and management

Information about Liseberg’s board of directors and management.

Board of directors

Liseberg is one of the City of Gothenburg’s municipal companies. Liseberg therefore has a politically appointed board. The board is made up of ordinary members and staff representatives.

Members of the board

  • Christer Holmgren (M), chair
  • Fredrik Jerlov (L), vice-chair
  • Erik Norén (V), second vice-chair
  • Gunilla Carlsson (S)
  • Kristina Belfrage (MP)
  • Lars Nilsson (D)
  • Petra Rönnholm (S)


  • Marie-Louise Hänel Sandström (M)
  • Isak Ekman (S)
  • Ellen Eklund (V)

Lay auditors

  • Lars-Gunnar Landin (MP)
  • Gun Cederborg (V)

Deputy lay auditors

  • Johan Abrahamsson (FI)
  • Maria Wannerskog (MP)

Regular staff representatives

  • Tural Kokulo (HRF trade union)
  • Anders Ingemarsson (Kommunal trade union)

Deputy staff representatives

  • Anastassios Grozos (Unionen trade union)
  • Bosse Nordlander (Kommunal trade union)

Liseberg’s management

Liseberg’s management is made up of company management and two operational management teams, one for parks and one for residents.

Company management 

  • Andreas Andersen, President and CEO
  • Tina Resch, Vice-president and COO
  • Thomas Sjöstrand, CEO, AB Liseberg Skår (Liseberg’s Jubilee project)
  • Victoria Widborn, Director of Administration
  • Mats Wittholt, CFO
  • Julia Vasilis, Director of Communications
  • Robert Arvidsson, Head of Marketing
  • Kent Kierdorf, Head of Sales
  • Kenneth Berndtsson, Head of Technical & Safety Operations
  • Annika Wilén, Head of Projects
  • Chatri Wihma, Head of HR

To provide cover for planned absences, CEO Andreas Andersen appoints deputies for certain management roles.