Liseberg's expansion plans

In October 2019 construction work began on Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel, the first phase of Liseberg’s expansion plans, comprising a park-integrated hotel and water park. Following the go-ahead from the board of Liseberg work on Liseberg’s water park can now begin in earnest.


The water park, which has been named Oceana, will have a unique theme, inspired by the history of Gothenburg and the East India Company, combined with the unique DNA of Liseberg. It will be a fantastic water experience, unlike anything else available in Scandinavia today. With a bathing area of almost 6,000 square metres indoors and 4,000 square metres outdoors, guests will be able to enjoy everything from quiet indoor sandy beaches to thrilling water slides.

Oceana is intended to be completed in around three years, and with 500,000 annual guests will give a welcome boost to the tourism industry in Gothenburg.

  • Total indoor area: 13,600 m²
  • Bathing area: approx. 6000 m² indoors + approx. 4,000 m² outdoors
  • Guest capacity: 1750 in summer, 1250 at other times (depending on weather)
  • Number of attractions: 14, of which 4 are large water attractions
  • Family river and wave pool 
  • Water play for various ages
  • Restaurant

Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel

The new hotel will be the most imaginative family hotel in Sweden, completely unlike anything else you have experienced before, with the emphasis on encouraging children’s love of adventure. With a slide to take you from the second floor down to the lobby and a working pony carousel dating from 1923 in the restaurant, guests will experience Liseberg’s sense of adventure from the moment they check in until they lay their head on the pillow. 

  • 29,000 m² total area (gross area)
  • 457 rooms, all with at least 5 beds
  • Restaurant with 790 seats and a outdoor dining terrace with 130 seats
  • Roof bistro with 220 seats and 180 seats outdoors
  • Small conference facility and gym


The hotel and the water park will both have a unique theme, inspired by the history of Gothenburg and the Swedish East India Company, combined with the unique DNA of Liseberg.

More information


Exactly where will the water park be located?
Liseberg is an amusement park close to the city, and the hotel and water park will form an extension of the park to the south. The hotel will be a star-shaped building and one of the arms will reach right into the amusement park. If you choose the right room you will get a ringside view of Valkyria’s breathtaking journey and be able to gaze out over the park. Oceana is being built right next to the hotel, so hotel guests who want to take a dip will be able to head straight to the water park in their bathrobes.  

What makes Oceana different from the existing water parks in Sweden?Partly its unique theme, inspired by the history of Gothenburg and the East India Company, and combined with the unique DNA of Liseberg. And partly because it will have the coolest water attractions in northern Europe. The large site makes it possible to combine several different ride experiences, so it can be enjoyed all year round indoors.

Expected effects
There are many expected positive effects from the new facilities, for both local residents and tourists. They will also lead to positive regional effects, since the number of hotel stays in the city will increase. In turn, this will lead to increased tourism economic effects and employment:

  • 600 000 new guests a ear to Liseberg's facilities.
  • SEK 450 million increased turnover per year.
  • 300 additonal year-round employees
  • 185 000 additional guest nights in the city
  • 500 000 million SEK n tourist economin effects for Gothenburg

What special measures have been taken for the project in relation to Covid-19?
We have updated the market analyses that were prepared earlier, and the information on which the Board bases its decisions now reflects the new reality that the industry must relate to.

What do these updates to the market analyses show in concrete terms?
No significant changes. In the case of both the hotel and the water park, the consultants calculate that the market will, on the whole, have recovered by 2023/24.

When will Oceana open?
The water park will be ready to welcome its first bathing guests in early 2024.

How is work progressing on Liseberg Grand Curiosa hotel?  
The work is progressing according to plan and right now the shell of the hotel is rising higher every day. By the end of this year, parts of the shell will reach the full height of nine storeys. By summer 2021, the entire shell will be completed, and at the start of 2023 we will welcome our first guests to Liseberg Grand Curiosa.